ניהול חשבון

If you have received a special registration token from ABS for registering your domain, please click here

American Bible Society (ABS) launched the .BIBLE Top Level Domain to ensure there are safe, curated places for Bible engagement on the Internet.

Engage with the faithful in a trusted and safe
environment (and they will thank you).

Purity Names is proud to partner
with ABS to bring you .BIBLE domains.
Now for a limited time, we have the
best price available anywhere.

The internet can be a wonderful resource, but it's littered with places we’d rather not go: Pornography, fraud, hate, other websites offensive to those of faith. At Purity Names we refuse to facilitate those types of websites but unfortunately they exist.

American Bible Society will ensure that domains ending in .BIBLE respect the teachings of the bible through a comprehensive monitoring program as well as a Code of Conduct.

No other domains offer that type of assurance.
What better choice for you and your ministry to host your Bible engagement efforts than with a .BIBLE domain name.