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Pure Privacy Domain - more details

Under our contractual agreements with ICANN we are required to include registration details for each individual or organization that registers a domain name with Purity Names for inclusion into a public database known as the WHOIS database. It displays key contact information for anyone, including you, who register a domain name. Even though it is illegal, spammers and other data miners who seek for information to be used for spam, mailing lists, etc., exploit the vulnerability of the WHOIS database and collect your private information. Anyone, including the bad guys, can access the WHOIS database. Purity Names presents the ultimate solution for this problem: Pure Privacy Domain. With Pure Privacy Domain we put our information into the WHOIS database instead of yours, keeping yours private. You still retain total control over your domain but you are no longer exposed to spam, data mining, harassment and other inconveniences that come with being listed in the WHOIS database. This service is provided only for domains registered in the .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info extensions.

Please Note:
If your domain name is not registered with Purity Names, you will need to perform a registrar transfer (which includes a 1 year renewal), prior to the ordering of the Pure Privacy Domain service. To perform a registrar transfer click here.

* This fee is not included in the domain registration fee