Important tips regarding your domain registered with

As you may recall, Purity Names took over the operation of the business on September 1, 2013.
Since that time we have been analyzing the customer support calls and emails and want to share with you some frequently asked questions to make the transition easier for you.

Why all of the emails suddenly?

The American Bible Society has decided to simultaneously exit two separate but related businesses. “” is the business where you purchased the domain name for your Church related website. “For Ministry” is the free webhosting and website builder business that you have been using to publish your website to the internet.

What is happening to these businesses?

As of September 1, 2013, transitioned to new management under Purity Names. 

ForMinistry, the free web hosting and website builder offering is not part of the transition to Purity Names.

The For Ministry business is scheduled to shut down on October 31, 2013

Where do I manage my domain name?

Unless you have transferred your name to the Purity Names platform, you will still manage your domain name at 

Only those customers who have transferred a domain to the Purity Names platform will be able to make changes to their domain at

I need help. Who do I call?

If you have not renewed your domain since September 1, or have not transferred it to the Purity Names Platform, it is still on the platform. Visit the Help Center at Because the GetYourChurchDomain platform is hosted by another company, not by Purity Names, our ability to manage and support that platform is limited. Support for the platform is only provided via the Help Center.  

If you have renewed your domain and transferred it to Purity Names, use the help function at 


I just got a renewal notice from Purity Names. What do I do?

When your domain comes up for renewal you will now receive an email from Purity Names with the necessary instructions.

In addition to renewing your domains, we will help you transfer your domain from the old platform to the Purity Names Platform. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible and we have already created an account for you at Purity Names.

To initiate your domain transfer, simply click the link in the renewal email to approve the transfer. 

Once you click on the link and the transfer is complete, you will receive a password to manage your domain with Purity Names. 

Please note that the transfer will take 5-7 days to complete. Also note that ICANN, the regulator for domain names, requires us to charge one for one extra renewal year any time a domain is transferred from one registrar to another. You will be charged $16 to transfer So in essence, when you renew and transfer, you will be renewing for 2 years.

But I just renewed my domain name at 

If you have received an email requesting that you renew your domain but have recently renewed, we will still be asking you to transfer your domain to Purity Names so that we can provide support on our platform. Only domains managed through Purity Names will be able to access a higher level of customer support.

Once the domain transfer is complete, the expiration dates will update to include the recent renewal. Please note that transferring your domain will add one additional year to your domain’s expiration date.

When you transfer a domain to Purity Names, you will be charged $16 but that includes an additional year of registration.

I need to change DNS servers – how can I do that?/ I need to point my domain to the new site – how can I do that?/I need to point my domain to a new IP – how can I do that?

To manage your DNS records, after logging in to, click “Registered Domains”. Click the domain name for which you want to set name servers. In the “DNS Servers” row, click “edit”. If you want to use other name servers, select “Custom DNS”, type name servers, and click “Save Changes”.

I forgot my login credentials to GetYourChurchDomain – what should I do?

To retrieve your password please go to

If you forget your login ID, check your old emails. We sent you an email with your login ID when you first created your account.

If you can’t find an email with your login ID, please fax us a letter on your Church letterhead stating which domains you have registered with us and include a copy of a photo identification and a phone number. You can fax this to 202-318-7803. We ask for photo id for your protection because there have been instances of domain hijacking with other registrars and we take this step to prevent this from happening. 

My email address that appears on GetYourChurchDomain is outdated  - what should I do?

To modify your contact information, log in. In the "My Account" menu click "Account Settings". On the "Contact Settings" tab, make any needed changes and click "Save Changes".

I prefer to transfer my domain to another registrar - not PurityNames – how can I do that?

To transfer your domain to another registrar you first need to login to your GetYourChurchDomain account, then you need to unlock the domain and ask for an authorization code that will be send to the domain holder's e-mail address. See more.

I would like to transfer my domain to Purity Names but I did not receive a renewal email / the renewal link on the mail does not work properly  - what should I do?

If the transfer link doesn't work, to transfer your domain manually simply go to

To transfer a domain, ICANN regulations require you to also renew it for one additional year. It will cost you $16 to transfer your domain but your expiration date will also be pushed back an entire year. If renewed through Purity Names, the domain will be renewed after the transfer process is complete.

Why is my site not working?/ I just recently renewed my domain but my web site is not working – why?/ My email is not working anymore – why?

I'm sorry to say there is no more information about your hosting and web-building and email services at since their shutdown; the hosting was not transferred to us, only the domain registration.