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If you suspect that a Purity Names customer is using our services for the distribution of pornographic materials, then we want to know about it.
Any customer of ours who violates the code of conduct and our terms of services will have their website and domain shut-down and transferred to another company.

To report a site that is in violation of our policies enter the domain name including extension here:
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Code of Conduct
When you become a Purity Names customer, you agree to The Purity Code of Conduct:
  • I will not register a domain name that is pornographic in nature nor will my domain be used for a website that distributes such material.
  • I will help ensure that other members of the Purity Community also abide by this code by reporting any violations to Purity Names so they can be remedied.
  • I understand that a violation of the terms of service will result in my domain and/or website being shut-down.