About Us

Purity Names was founded to give individuals and organizations a chance to establish their presence on the internet without having to patronize companies who enable and profit from the spread of pornography. As the world's first and only family friendly domain name registrar, we ensure that the domains we sell and the websites we host are not used for pornography. Unlike other companies, we turn away those who want to engage in the distribution of obscene material because we don't want to be associated with such activity.
Now you have the opportunity to do business with a company who respects your ideals. Nearly every other domain name registrar, including all of the well known companies, make hundreds of millions each year from selling domain names used for porn, gambling and other immoral activity. Not us. We refuse to profit from these activities. 

What do you get?
  • Buy your domains with the only company that refuses to profit from pornography, gambling and other immoral activity.
  • Stop doing business with companies that enable pornography on the internet
  • Nearly every other domain name registrar has sold domains used for pornography, gambling and other illicit activity.
  • Stop doing business with companies who profit from pornography and gambling.
  • Purity Names is the only registrar in the world who audits customers to ensure domains are not used for pornography.
  • Purity Names - your moral compass for navigating the internet.